Authorized Translator

Consecutive translation
Business interpretation is the interpretation of the communication between an authority or company representative and the customer. The translation process starts after the speaker finishes his speech. We provide reliable translation services for individuals and institutions for business meetings, press conferences, Kela, police, schools, population administration, municipalities, social services, foreigners' branches. In these meetings, the translator does not act on behalf of the client, but acts as a link between the speakers, allowing them to use their native language for business.
The translation fee is at least 3 hours and travel costs are added to the invoice.

Simultaneous interpretation (simultaneous-instant interpretation)
Simultaneous interpretation is translation done synchronously. During simultaneous translation, the interpreter must be able to translate directly and simultaneously to the other party during a conversation. It is very important that the diction of the simultaneous interpreter is correct and that the terminology is sufficient and that he/she speaks clearly in both languages while interpreting.
We provide simultaneous interpreting services with our experienced interpreters in conferences, meetings and seminars.

Text messaging, short video conferencing, online translation
We offer instant short translation services during working hours. Pricing is made according to the duration and form of the translation.

Telephone translation
This service is provided only to the official institutions.

Our translators are impartial, do not act on their own behalf and adhere to the principles of confidentiality.

For more information about our interpreting services please contact us.