About Us

Infoturk was founded in 1997 in Helsinki. Between the years 1997-2006, Infoturk was active in the fields of translation and consultancy.

In 2019 the company has resumed its activities in professional authorized translation services, translation services, bureaucratic and official affairs consultancy services. Inforturk is the only translation agency in Finland that provides all kinds of translation services reliably. In addition to these services, as of the beginning of the fiscal year of 2020, Infoturk is expanding its business area by introducing accounting services in Finnish-Turkish.

Written translation and interpreting services, filling in all kinds of official documents and forms and accounting operations.

We are located in Espoo, Olarinluoma 7 (02200 Espoo), 450 meters from the Niittykumpu metro station.

We aim to provide quality services to our customers with meticulous, careful and disciplined work in all our services. By analyzing your needs correctly, we try to provide reliable, effective and permanent service. At the same time, we aim to bring together more than one service under one roof.

99% Customer Satisfaction

In Finland, we know you better than anyone, we understand what you want and produce solutions tailor made for you.

We're here for you.


Our personnel are professionally trained, impartial, who follow professional ethics and confidentiality obligations. We will do our best to provide you with reliable and efficient services with our experienced and expert employees.


Our company has adopted the principle of being reliable in all service areas and transferring objective and correct information to its customers.

Our Mission

We have adopted a neutral, principled, customer-oriented, solution-oriented service approach. We offer fast and quality solutions to meet your needs.
We're with you.


To follow the current practices and laws in Finland, to provide reliable, accurate and up-to-date information to our customers. It is our responsibility to be continuously accessible, to comply with the delivery dates, to ensure the confidentiality and security of the documents, to improve our service quality and to maximize customer satisfaction.